COW AND COVID-19: Don't lose your Sh*t!


Don't lose your sh*t! We'll get through this!

If you are an artist who has lost their job, and want to advertise group or private lessons on the site, please email me your information.

If you have resources or ideas to share with parents, or people stuck at home, email me your thoughts.


- Make Face masks: all you need about how to make the masks and where to drop them off from Deaconess, Sew For NY, and Sew Good to Give Back.

- Make surgical gowns: with, you can build surgical gowns and other needed materials for the medical community (paid).

- Volunteer through AARP: you can find a mutual aid group through AARP, and search by location. Volunteer to deliver food, donate money. etc. Please be careful of fraud!

- NY Cares: sign up for volunteer opportunities for food delivery in New York City


- Languages: (not free); (free but you have to deal with ads)

- Art classes:, a list of potential classes. is offering 5 art challenges that are great for the entire family.

- Book Art: The Center for Book Art is offering pay-as-you-wish online workshops

- Arts and Crafts: Artist Laura Beth Love shows How To Cut A Porcelain Plate For Jewelry Or Mosaics on YouTube.
Years ago, I had done a knitting and crochet installations, and the tutorials are still online:

- Music classes: Fender is also offering free guitar lessons for 3 months (to the first 100,000 people).
Local NJ artist is offering online guitar lessons. Contact Clayton Hopkins at or on Instagram at @wholelottaclayton
Drum lessons online with artist Lisa Schonberg

- Get your portrait done! Linda Serrone is currently offering her services: check out her portfolio at

- Exercise help:

Marcus Berardino is offering pay-as-you-wish wellness online classes

- Dance:
Artichoke Dance Company has great videos on movement
Cora Dance is also offering free online dance classes

- Meditation: YouTube video on how to meditate

- Yoga: 15 minute beginner video. Brooklyn Bikram Yoga has free streaming classes on Instagram

- Cooking lessons: The Way To Cook - Julia Child, of course!

- Baking lessons:


- BAM has an entire series of programming online

- The Brooklyn Public Library has many online activities that have replaced their usual classes

- The Lincoln Center has free weekly playlist of concerts. You can also donate if you are able.

- WBUR in Boston has a great series of free podcasts and show for both adults and children. You can also donate if you are able.

- Discover works of the Arab cinema... for free!

- Smack Mellon has a virtual tour of its current exhibition

- Rhizome: they exist just for online, so now is a good time to check them out!

- Brooklyn Museum is offering Virtual First Saturday!

- The National Theatre in London will stream a free play every Thursday. Click here for schedule.

- The Getty Museum in LA is challenging folks to recreate a famous painting... at home (through Twitter)

- 12 museums offering virtual tours (article)

- Brooklyn Turnstile Tours offers free and low cost virtual tours


- PBS has online lesson plans and videos

- Find a Pen Pal from around the world!

- Museum of Natural History resources

- Watch Party and Chat with Scientists on YouTube

- Story time! Great free podcasts at Stories Podcast, Molly of Denali, Story Pirates, Girl Tale, and Aaron's World. While schools are closed, you can listen to stories from Audible for free. They're available in 6 languages!

- Virtual Tour of the Galapagos Island!

Food for thoughts:
- Establish a school routine and set clear expectations for home schooling

- Make sure you give them enough breaks and exercise

- Give them productive projects to connect them with friends and families


- Find a support group in New York State

- Advice on homeschooling (from Park Slope Parent)

- Snapology Online Programs

- ArtProf: my classmate from Graduate School, Clara Lieu , has a great blog on learning visual art


The following organizations are looking for donations:
- Dance Theater of Harlem
- Toy drive


- Social practive artist at AIR: "Alison Owen will post a phrase that can be used as inspiration for studio practice, written language, musical composition, and more"

- Great article in NYFA about how to stay connected with your audience during the pandemic


- Resources on mental health: check out on ways to stay connected. You can also check NYC Well, your connection to free, confidential mental health support.

- If you need information on COVID-19, use official and reliable sources, such as The World Health Organization, or the CDC.

- "Saying hello on the street": when I go for a walk as part of my daily exercise, and I say "Hello, how are you?" to people on the sidewalk. Though most people currently do not want to even look at each other, I say "hello" even if people are not looking at me. After that initial push on my side, people will usually smile and respond back. We need to keep at least part of our sense of who we are as a community!

- Exercising with friends: you can still meet friends to exercise, even if you stay 3 feet apart... that is still close enough to talk and feel human!

- Consider making encouraging and loving signs with your children that you can hang in your windows: this will foster a sense of community, and show others that we do care for each other.


- Maybe now is the time to quit smoking! Especially if you live alone...

- Do not give in to excessive use of tobacco, alcohol, or recreational drugs: you are lowering your resistance to the virus, and risking becoming depressed.

- Take breaks! Most of us are not used to being at home for this long. When you work alone at your computer, it's crucial to take regular breaks: go for a walk, stretch, play with your kids!

- Make sure you establish a routine for everyone: delineate clear work and school schedules for everyone, so your children continue their education, and you can have your professional career continue as much as possible.

- Respect each other's privacy: if you live in a full house, make sure you respect each other privacy and boundaries... even during a time of quarantine, some people might need some alone time. Respect their wishes.

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